Friday, March 6, 2009

Crazy (Poetry)

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My mind has been a little off lately… or maybe it was never on
Feel like I’m dying… or maybe I was never born
Maybe I lived once and I already died
Maybe everything I’ve perceived has been a lie
Maybe I’m the devil… live in the flesh
Just to fill your mind with, lust, greed, and stress
Maybe I’m an angel… following behind
Sent by the almighty on a destiny divine
I keep seeing flashes… I keep seeing lights
But yet it still seems I can’t escape the night
I’m trapped in darkness where the unknown dwells
Trapped in darkness… just an unknown cell
They label me foolish… label me insane
I label them ignorant… not in tune with their brain
Flashes reappear… a white light is in the rear
Farewell… I think my time is near…

-Jon Chambers

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