Friday, February 27, 2009

The Last Days (Poetry)

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The last chapter is upon us… the end is near
No sympathy for distress… no compassion for fear
The only thing salvaged is the soul’s remains
The worldly obsessions were obtained in vain
Doomed for the ground since we reached the pinnacle
Now all our identities are virtually identical
Differences are exposed to be no more than perception
Pedestals are erased… indistinguishable reflections
The judge slams his gavel… as all plead innocence
For some were superior in actions… but none definitive
Heartbeats temporarily accelerate… only to be stopped
Legs temporarily hasten… only to rot
All of that living… only to die
But the providence was always divine
Welcome to the conclusion… welcome to the end
Welcome to the commencement… now angels… descend

-Jon Chambers

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