Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blind Loyalty (Article)

“What is most important is that we don’t get caught up in emotional politics” – KRS-One

I began with this recent quote provided by former rap artist and philosopher KRS-One. The reasoning behind it is that I feel that this is the dangerous realization that we have to recognize before it’s too late. You’re not going to hear me get political very frequently, because for the most part my knowledge is very limited when it comes to that field. However, I felt that this was an issue that needed to be addressed. Let me begin by stating that I am not anti Obama, and that when November 4th rolled around, my ballot had a little red light beside the Democratic Party. However, I say that to say this. During the election, there was a very petite instant in where I contemplated not voting for Barack Obama. The reason behind my cold feet was because I didn’t desire to be one of the citizens to fall victim to voting based on race. Being an African American, I felt like there was so much pressure from the black community to elect this man who looks like me. At times I felt like the pressure was forcing me into an illogical and unsupported viewpoint; and indeed at the outset of the campaign, I believe it actually was. It was only when I started to look at his plans and how they compared to his competitors that I actually began to support him. I believe that too many people voted for Obama based on his race, and those are a handful of the people that I believe fall into my category of being blindly loyal.

One of the problems that I have with a lot of black voters is the fact that they know they oppose Bush, but they don’t know why. If you sat down and asked them why they feel Obama’s policies differ from the ones Bush has already put into play, there is a vast majority that couldn’t tell you. The president is a puppet. Bush had very little to do with our economic meltdown, but he is the one that receives much of the blame. The reason why I believe he receives much of the blame is because of his devilish rhetoric and the way he carries himself. In other words, people didn’t trust him. Now all of a sudden, we get this new face who carries himself in a very charismatic and captivating way and we praise him as if he delivered us from sin. Please refrain from misconstruing my statements as disapproval, but rather see them as eye opening. Of course I am ecstatic that our country was finally able to break the racial barrier and finally make it possible for a black man to become president. I know that my great ancestors were smiling down from heaven on that glorious day when he took his oath in D.C. The only thing that scares me is that I believe we are becoming too content. We have gotten caught up in the emotional burdens that are attached to this, and we have negated from our primary goal.

That leads me to my next point. As Bush’s days in office began to be numbered, his approval rating was on a steady and harsh decline. Now once again, here comes Senator Barack Obama to the rescue. With his ever loved charisma he speaks on change and speaks on putting a stop to the Bush ways, and people were following him without a clear understanding of what he was actually changing. I believe that Barak Obama has the power to implement everything that Bush had on his agenda, and even more things that maybe Bush wanted to accomplish but was unable to because of lack of support. People are so mindlessly in support of this slick talking man, that I believe he could get away with that, without damaging any of his own integrity; because was once again, we are unknowingly going to be in support of everything he does because of this blind loyalty that has plagued our nation. Everything he says or does is right… until it goes wrong, and once again, that is what scares me.

Now I do not doubt Obama, but I think it’s important we question him. We can’t just operate off of trust and faith. What you have to understand is that the agenda that has been put in place that was prevalent long before Bush, is going to take more than a couple policies to fix. Obama claims that he wants to govern for the people, but is that really what he wants to do? Do you understand that this system of government that he says he wants to change is the same system of government that put him into office in the first place? I don’t believe that everything Obama wants to do is going to be able to occur without war, which is eventually going to lead to a disapproving disposition among our own people. Fingers will be pointed, and questions will be asked. The last president I can remember that actually governed for the people was Kennedy. And any 5th grader could inform you of the end result in that scenario.

This is not Obama’s fault by any means. He didn’t choose this life, this life chose him. All I’m alluding to is that no plan is full proof, and no man is perfect. He will make mistakes. And when those mistakes become prevalent, and America begins to decline into a downward spiral of war and rebellion, everybody is going to blame the president. I am going to blame the people. I will blame the people that closed their eyes while they agreed upon something without actually analyzing the facts. I will blame the people that condemn the same policy that they once blindly endorsed. Like I said, the last person to govern for the people was Kennedy, and he faced one of the harshest consequences for it. One of the other men in history that was for the people was a man by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. Obama has received many comparisons to the reverend throughout his campaign and even now. One can say that one of the main differences between King and Obama is that Obama wasn’t killed because of his beliefs; but neither was King before he stepped out onto that balcony.

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  1. Nice article, I agree with you. Let us judge the man and his actions not his words or his skin. Wake up people, understand the agenda they are promoting.