Friday, January 9, 2009

Success (Poetry)

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Eloquent dress, blessed, respect, are these models of success?
Or is it reminiscent to stressed, depressed, and regrets?
Is it right, wrong or left… compassion or neglect?
Is there a list you check? Or is it based on a check?
The goal that’s never accomplished so we constantly dream
And anticipate that our conscious remains constant in between
Letting our neighbors dictate where the bar is held
Until the funeral bells and they recline 6 to dwell
Searching shirts and ties that they can appeal with
Then offered business deals that they can deal with
On your uncultivated drive you’re bound to be stopped
For spending too much time watching your watch
It’s all so ideal and it’s all so deceptive
But the primary arbitrator is the mirrors reflection
Still rummaging for success… and still no trace
So I looked it up in the dictionary… and guess what… blank
-Jon Chambers

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