Monday, January 5, 2009

The Illusion of Time (Article)

We base our lives around a circle with two little hands that move. We put labels on arrival times and departures like early and late. We tell ourselves when we have something to accomplish, “we have time.” The truth is you don’t, and neither does anybody else. Time is an illusion used to create organization in hectic lifestyles. The only time that exists is the past, present, and future; but even those can coexist at the same instant. When we celebrate to usher in a new year, we are essentially not celebrating a thing. Within the universe time doesn’t exist, it just is. Think about it, your whole life can be defined as one moment. Gaze into the mirror. The baby exists within that picture you see, but so does the old wrinkly figure who is ninety plus years of age. You are a developed version of your past, and a premature version of your future. The same with our universe; for the earth is simply a developed version of what it once was, but at the same time it still is.
One of the most common mistakes we make is that we look so far into our future, we let our present pass us by; falling a victim to believing in time. Too many times we plan for the future by looking at it as some unreachable fixation that exists only within our own conception of thought. Do me a favor… close your eyes and count to ten. Guess what? You just entered into the future. Didn’t think it was that close did you? The most effective way to plan for the future is by doing whatever you plan to do now. Don’t put off things until the future, because they most likely will by no means get fulfilled. I know what you’re thinking. “If I don’t plan ahead for my future, how can I possibly be prepared for what is to come?” You prepare for what is to come by taking care of your today. You can’t just plan to graduate college and then don’t apply yourself in your present time. If you take care of today, the dreams you have tomorrow will eventually manifest themselves.
On the contrary, another common mistake we make is that we look in our past too often. Why do you think the rear view mirror in a car is so small compared to the windshield? It is because most of the time we must be looking straight at what’s currently happening. At the same time however, you must be able to glance at your rear view so you can see where you have been. So what happens if you spend too much time focusing on your rear view mirror if you’re in your car? You crash. The same applies with life. You can’t spend too much time looking at a premature version of what is breathing at the current moment, but if you stay focused on the present, you are virtually looking into the past regardless. People who say your past is in the past lied to you. Your past is in your every move. You are who you are today because of knowledge and experiences you encountered in the past. At the same time, you will be the person in your future because of what you’re doing today. Everything coexists through one another. Time doesn’t exist.
What I want you to take from this is live now and live it to the fullest. Now don’t take that advice the wrong way. Some people think that that means they should do whatever they want, live unhealthily, and throw their life away; but that’s not what I’m saying at all. All I’m saying is that yes, live it to the fullest, but while your doing that you also must be conscious and aware of what’s actually going on. One of my favorite hip-hop artists Joe Budden said it best. “There are three type of people in the world… so your either gonna make stuff happen, watch stuff happen, or not know what happened.” When you live unconsciously you’re going to watch stuff happen, and when don’t live at all your going to watch stuff happen. I’m asking you to make things happen. Start today… start now… forget about time.

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